Fundamentals Of Texas Uncontested Divorce

By | September 15, 2016

Texas Attorneys may specialize as Personal Injury lawyers and as divorce lawyers. As with any other field, some attorneys will specialize in more than one field of expertise. Unfortunately, couples sometimes get married and realize that they cannot get along. Sometimes this happens early on in their marriage and other times it may take years, and they just can’t take it anymore. When this happens, the couple will decide to get a divorce. Needless to say, the less time the couple has been married, the fewer assets that they will normally have and the less hassle that a divorce will be.

What Are Their Options?


Most people know that getting a divorce is not only emotionally trying and painful, but can also be extremely expensive. This will depend on if there are children, child support, alimony and the couple has joint assets that they cannot agree upon how to divide them. Sometimes, couples cannot agree, and they both may want everything. When this happens, both couples usually obtain an attorney and have a substantial amount of legal fees. This situation can also be drug out for quite a while. There is paper work that has to be filed and sometimes more than one court date has to be scheduled, depending on the situation. If the couple can manage to agree upon the terms of their divorce and the division of their assets without the court’s intervention, they may qualify for an uncontested divorce.

Fundamentals of Texas Uncontested Divorce

How Does An Uncontested Divorce Work?

fundamentals of Texas Uncontested divorce

The couple has to be able to agree on the terms of their divorce
Only one attorney can be used, saving a fortune on attorney fees
The attorney will normally file the papers and get the process completed in a shorter period
The attorney will normally go to court and plea that the dissolution of marriage is in place and neither party will have to make an appearance
It is normally less hassle and goes much smoother

Sharing An Attorney

A Texas personal injury law firm may also have attorneys that can help to represent you in getting your divorce. You can also find detail about personal injury and personal injury law firm. The person that retains the attorney is the actual person that the attorney legally represents. The attorney will then draw up the paper work for their client to read and approve and file. Then the other party will be served with the papers. As long as both parties agree that the terms were written and filed as they had agreed, the papers are signed. The attorney will take the papers in front of the judge and ask for a dissolution of marriage for this couple.

With an uncontested divorce, there is a lot less expense such as attorney fees and legal fees such as filing charges. This can also prevent either party from having to appear before the judge. The attorney makes one appearance for the couple, and their divorce is hassling free. This makes an uncontested divorce cost less money, and it creates less stress for the couple and does not get strung out near as long in various court proceedings. If you feel that you and your spouse are at this point in life, do your research on some of the personal injury attorneys then you have to find information here in your area and see if this could work for your situation.